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Oct 17

if you must shave, shave with this!


while our primary products for hair removal are sugar, wax & thread our overall goal at Shobha is to provide hairless happiness for all.  in a perfect world  we would all have time to do the aforementioned methods of hair removal but if that is just not in the cards for you (& admittedly it’s not for us sometimes) there is always shaving. if you must shave, like some of us must do in a pinch, add pacific shaving company ’s all natural shaving cream to your emergency-hair-removal-kit.  

pacific shaving company’s all natural shaving cream is super duper moisturizing & made with nothing but safe, natural & organic ingredients. it’s free of synthetic fragrances & animal testing.  the concentrated formula is long lasting & is tsa-friendly.  it’s made right here in the usa. plus, for every pacific shaving company purchase a tree is planted!

if you must shave, go ahead & shave - it can be good for you & the environment.

p dot s: this Shobha-approved shaving cream is now available at Shobha Salons - go get some.

Oct 14

the answer to our natural & safe mascara prayers is here!

it’s here! it’s here! we’ve finally found a fabulous & NATURAL mascara that’s been approved by the Shobha Team.


we’re happy to announce, w3lll people’s expressionist bio extreme mascara is now available at Shobha SoHo (& coming to all Shobha Locations later this month!).

with the appropriate claim on it’s box: “hippie tested. diva approved” this mascara does not disappoint. it has quickly become a favorite & an everyday makeup staple amongst the Shobha Team.

as you may already know, we’re pretty picky about what we put on & in our bodies so searching for the ideal mascara that worked like all those toxic-but-fabulous-lash-creating mascaras out there without, to be quite frank, all the crap. we’ve tested plenty that were chock full of great ingredients you could probably make a meal with but they either didn’t look like we put any mascara on or they were running down our face in two blinks.

[enter the masterminds that we know as w3ll people.]

they have created a boundary breaking formula that creates big, bold fluffy lashes instantly. it nourishes thanks to a synergistic (not to be confused with synthetic) botanical blend.  hyper pure mineral pigments create the blackest of black for highly defined luxury lashes.  the new high tech brush design, precisely separates the thinnest, shortest, hard-to-reach lashes for expertly scooping up  & lengthening each one - while delivering just the right amount of product.

as with all of w3ll people’s products this mascara:

  • contains the finest quality, all-natural ingredients tested for superior performance
  • contains innovative botanical complexes move & breathe–no creasing or fading
  • is an uber hydrating formulas rich in organic aloe & precious essential oils
  • contains no fillers, propylene glcol, petrochemicals or petroleum by-products
  • is handcrafted in small batches in the USA
  • is tested in the W3LL PEOPLE studio by their green beauty pros–cruelty free

for a quick way to make your eyes pop add a swipe or two & be on your way. for a bolder look keep on layering. more is more.


Oct 10

practice hairless self-love this columbus day

for those of you that have a long weekend - enjoy it & remember to practice hairless self-love! all Shobha Salons will be open on monday  to tend to all your hairless happiness needs. stop by for a visit!

happy friday!

Oct 7

Shobha - named for best threading by allure magazine!

ummm have you seen this october issue of allure magazine??

we are in love with the cover. all hail the queen of the fiercest fullest brows in all the land, mademoiselle cara delevingne.

wait. it gets better.

this issue is dedicated to the 242 best of beauty winners & … wait for it…. we’re one of them! that’s right the beauty experts of allure magazine named Shobha for best threading in their directory for the best of beauty brows category.

we’re on cloud nine. thank you allure!

Oct 6

paws on pine for Shobha’s Home for Girls & Women silent auction

by soo

ever feel antsy about leaving your furry friend at home while you work? as a dog owner myself, i know how difficult it can be to find the care my precious pooch deserves while i’m away! luckily for dog owners in lower manhattan, paws on pine now has a package of five 20 minute dog walks up for bidding via our Shobha’s Home for Girls & Women silent auction!

inspired by her two dogs bebop & doxy, heather curatolo decided to follow her dreams of working with pets and founded paws on pine, a boutique dog walking and pet sitting concierge service. the folks at paws on pine do not believe in “pack walks” & will spend precious 1 on 1 time with your furry pal. with paws on pine you can expect personalized & reliable care to pets, & your pets can expect to have the time of their life exploring the financial district neighborhood (read: the Shobha FiDi hood). at the end of each walk, a pet specialist will update you with an adorable picture of your happy pooch to add to your collection. now how paw-some is that!?

Oct 5

fall 2014 accessory trends & top picks from stella & dot’s andrine walker

i LOVE fall not only because I was born during this season, but because fall is the BIGGEST shopping season and fall fashion is so versatile. you can layer pieces & add fun textures to jazz your look.
the biggest accessory trends this season are: pop of color, modern classic and rocker edge. here are some ways you can incorporate these trends into your wardrobe perfectly for this season with the stella & dot collection.


pop of color - the hot pink trend is carrying over from summer straight into fall.

  • jazz up your classic look with our pop geo pendant, one of my favorites. it looks great over black or white tops (or layer it over a fun pattern if you’re feeling adventurous). plus, it can be worn at two different lengths to change up your look.
  • create a fun arm candy party with our new strength & inspire bracelets from our breast cancer awareness boutique.
  • grab our chelsea tech wallet in glow pink & you’re ready for a night out on the town with your girls!


modern classic – add a modern spin to timeless pieces like pearls by adding fun colors like a bold red or stripes.

  • be a 2014 version of jackie-o with our gabrielle pearl necklace, think jackie-o signature pearls, but modernized thanks to the adding multiple strings. you can also double this necklace to wear it short.
  • add pearls to your wrist with our fun & edgy jacinthe bracelet that adds a classic chic look to your outfit.


rocker edge – while not every women aspires to be a rock star, we definitely don’t mind dabbling in the fantasy from time to time. at stella & dot we’ve created pieces that give the perfect mix of femininity & rocker chic. our georgie necklace is inspired by vintage brooches & hand cast roses to give the perfect juxtaposition of hard (spikes) & soft (roses). pair it with a floral top to add a feminine touch & complete the look with a subtle arm party like our best-selling renegade bracelet & eden bangle.


love these looks??? we’ve got the perfect package (WDC area ONLY) up for bidding via our Shobha’s Home for Girls & Women silent auction. it’s retail therapy for the greater good (read: educating girls, transforming society, things you can be proud of.).  start bidding today to win (1) $25 Stella & Dot Gift Card (1) catered trunk show with the winner & 10 of their friends. (includes champagne & cupcakes, plus product credit to shop for free & half off).  get your bid on here!


Oct 4

s & a portraits for Shobha’s Home for Girls & Women silent auction

by soo

who remembers picture day!? the day when everyone showed up to school in their best outfits & hair-dos, & we all practiced our smiles in front of the mirror (aka what you do when you take a selfie now)?  years & years later, my school portraits are still proudly on display in the living room of my parents’ house.

s & a portraits are innovators in school photography focused on delivering quality results. co-owners shivonie deokaran & anna panopoulos employ only the best photographers with the latest equipment to make sure you appear your absolute best. s & a portraits will print & deliver the photographs right to your doorstep, eliminating any post-picture-day frenzy.

if you’re in need of new headshots or a portrait photographer for your next event, look no further! place your bids on our silent auction for a chance to receive $500 worth of service while benefiting our Shobha’s Home for Girls & Women in india!

Oct 3

how to maximize your co-working space experience according to the founders of tascbar

by jennilyn carson & j.t. liss, co-founders of tascbar

working in a communal workspace has a lot of benefits, like getting organized, being more productive, & making worthwhile connections. but as with any shared space, there are some rules of the road that can help you work more efficiently & effectively, & maximize your time. at tascbar, our community worksace in east harlem, we know all about that, so we’ve put together a list of a few dos - some tips on how to make the most of your coworking experience.


be prepared. one thing we always suggest that our members bring is earphones, especially if you like listening to music. communal spaces are just that: communal. not only will you be ready to get in the zone with your favorite tunes or podcast, you’ll be able to tune out any other noises that may be distracting. other things to remember: chargers, snacks, & turning your phone to silent - speaking of noises. (think ahead: make a kick-butt productivity playlist in itunes or spotify before you go.) 

do your research. become familiar with the environment & neighborhood if you’re not already. local lunch spots come in handy for a quick bite, if you don’t bring your lunch. bars & restaurants come in handy for the after work social or cocktail hour. 

connect with others. just because you’re working on your own doesn’t mean you need to work alone. take opportunities to chat with others in the space & don’t close yourself off from meeting new people. one of the greatest benefits of working in a community space with others is that you can feed off one another’s energy. you don’t need to be speaking to each other or doing the same thing to reap the benefits, but communicating & conversing with fellow work mates can make the interactions more enjoyable & potentially beneficial.

mind personal space. though you may not be speaking or interacting with those around you all day long, there is an unspoken code of personal & work space that should be respected. this also goes for “water cooler” time. be aware of those working around you & take the conversation to a different side of the room or a different room entirely. 

attend networking events, mixers, cocktail hours, etc. you never know when you’re going to make a good friend or new partner to collaborate with. the chances are really high you’ll at least make some great contacts & it will give you a chance to talk up the work you’re passionate about. 

take breaks to refocus. move around. get up & stretch. take a walk. there may be times when you’re sitting for a while knocking out a bunch of to dos, but breaks are just as important. take advantage of alternative spaces or empty conference rooms. do some yoga or meditation to soothe your mind and get you back in the productive headspace.

appreciate your time. acknowledge you are investing in yourself & appreciate that you’re taking this time to work towards your dreams, & that you’re on your way. remind yourself you’re exactly where you need to be right now & making progress every day, even when it doesn’t always feel like it.

&…our one don’t. don’t forget the freebies! take advantage of free stuff: free coffee, free career consulting, free opportunities to showcase your talents. we offer all of the above at tascbar. 

working on your own can be tough, but a huge part of being a member of a coworking space is receiving that creative and motivative energy, as well as giving it. it’s an exchange that can provide that next step you’ve been looking for. now’s your time.


tascbar is an affordable coworking space in east harlem uniting like-minded creatives and innovatives, providing the environment, tools, & connections to facilitate their utmost potential. follow us on twitter, instagram & facebook.

organize. create. inspire.

ps: you can bid on one (1) month membership to tascbar via our Shobha’s Home for Girls & Women silent auction. the membership will be active for 30 days after the first visit date. bid now!

Oct 2

guest blogger: tiffany yu of chloe + isabel

with the holidays coming up in less than 3 months, where are you shopping for gifts & how are you getting ready for those special events?

i work for a lifetsyle brand called chloe + isabel &—just like Shobha—we love helping women look & feel great.

chloe + isabel is an affordable jewelry destination for the stylish women of today, whether you are the fashion-forward trendsetter or prefer more classic & timeless styles. our pieces are hand-designed in nyc & backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee. we offer jewels you won’t find anywhere & are sold exclusively through merchandisers like me.

i joined chloe + isabel in february. at the time, i was working in a job with overnight hours, which wasn’t helping my social life. i was looking for new ways to build my community, bring people together, & develop new skills. chloe + isabel has provided me with that opportunity—i was excited about the jewelry, the lifetime replacement guarantee, & the fact that our brand caters to women of all tastes.

if you are looking to truly make an investment in your jewelry wardrobe, check out my boutique. from now until october 24, shop at my boutique & i will donate my commissions to Shobha’s Home for Girls & Women. & if you’re in the new york area, bid on a fun wine + dessert + jewelry party with your friends via the Shobha’s Home for Girls & Women silent auction!

Oct 1

guest blogger: nell stepheson of paleoista

what is the paleo diet?
if someone told you to eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats & poultry, wild fish & natural, unprocessed fats in order to nourish your body with healthy foods, you probably wouldn’t be all that surprised.

if they continued on & suggested cutting out sugar & refined grains, you still would likely already have some sense that those are not really all that healthy & shouldn’t be thought of as such.
are you with me?
if that same person then added the idea that you should omit all grains, all dairy & all legumes, then you might start to wonder…why?
i did, too.
but then i read the paleo diet by dr. loren cordain.
basically, we humans are not meant to be eating grains, legumes (this includes soy & peanuts) or dairy (unless you’re an infant & you’re ingesting dairy…from the same species).

how can such a broad statement be made?
well, it’s not something i, or anyone, just made up on a whim.  one of the beautiful things about this way of eating is that it’s actually based on science.
if you think in terms of what people ate during the paleolithic era, & you do not need to be savvy in the sciences to guess, it would have been food that could either have been picked or foraged, & eaten as is, or an animal that either ran across the land or swam in the sea.
both grains & legumes contain anti nutrient properties.  while growing from the ground, these very components serve to protect them from pesticides & predators, but when we ingest them, they work against us by adhering to many of the vitamins & minerals in our food, preventing us from properly absorbing them & causing microscopic tearing in the intestines, thus increasing intestinal permeability.
over time, ‘leaky gut’ syndrome ensues, whereby proteins are able to leak into the peritoneum causing inflammation, infection & subsequently a whole host of maladies throughout the body, not just in the gi tract but also in the body as a whole.
this helps set the stage for acne, joint pain, exacerbation of auto immune disease, chronic fatigue, ibs, colitis, crohn’s disease, cancers & so on & so on & so on.
as far as dairy products are concerned, they’re the most acidic items we can consume. dairy products create an acidic ph in the body & in attempt to buffer the ph back to alkalinity, the body leaches calcium from the bones.  over time, this leads to osteopenia & osteoporosis.  the most important thing to look at here is actually calcium balance over calcium intake.  you’re actually better off eating a cup of kale with 37mg of calcium than a 300 mg calcium-containing cup of cow’s milk!
so… why not try paleo?

even if you’re a skeptic to the extreme, the fact that you’re visiting this site in the first place suggests you’re at least intrigued.

there’s no reason not to give it a try.

ps: now you can bid on one 1 hour true paleo nutrition consult with nell stephenson, author paleoista via our Shobha’s Home for Girls & Women silent auction. start bidding today!

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