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Aug 29

#hairyconfessions: playing hard-to-get or just an ingrown?


it’s amazing how hairless happiness effects our sex lives.  an anonymous source recently shared this chapter from her book to our team (& asked us to share it with you):

my ingrown hair became my chastity belt, all the while my date just thought i was playing hard to get. #hairyconfessions

has an ingrown hair ever messed up your plans? do you have any #hairyconfessions you’d like to share with us here (anonymously of course)? if so leave one in the comments or email us!

have a great weekend & remember to keep those ingrowns at bay with these helpful tips!

Aug 26

what hair tie color do you wear most often?

we’d love to know which color hair ties are tress worthy in your life. please let us know by completing the survey below. you can pick up to 4 colors!

Aug 22

"hey, what are we doing with our pubic hair right now, ladies?"


yep the title of this post is pretty much daily chatter amongst our team.
when the lovely folks at byrdie asked us the "truth about bikini lines: what is everyone really doing down there" we (were flattered &) answered:

the professional take
when speaking with estheticians at Shobha … [a] popular waxing [destination] known for their bikini expertise—all maintained that the brazilian remains the most requested style today. the popularity may be practically motivated. “seasonally, by removing everything, you can ensure a carefree summer, avoiding bathing suit ‘flyaways.’ also, in terms of aesthetic appeal, if you are self-conscious about your mid-section or hips, removing all of the hair tends to draw attention away from that area when you’re in the buff—so that you take in the ‘whole picture’ instead of having your eye drawn to that area due to the usually darker hair in the nether region,” says jennifer pesce, Shobha’s Brand Director. .. when quizzed about the possible resurgence of an all-natural trend, our experts weren’t convinced. “in our eyes, it’s a mini movement—there are some who will explore this trend, but since this trend isn’t one that the outer world sees very often, our clients tend to stick with their own preferences,” pesce says.”

read the full article here.

Aug 21

tbt brows: julie tak

this #tbtbrows post is particularly awesome not only because it highlights julie tak’s brows but because julie is the mastermind behind this series. thanks for this great idea julie! you rock!

keeping with her awesomeness, julie couldn’t choose just one photo for her before & after shots so we have prepared a montage of julie’s greatest brow hits (& misses) from the past & present.
enjoy! thanks for sharing jules :)

completely amazing right? now for the after - what a difference Shobha (& a fierce selfie) makes!

check out more of our #tbtbrows here.

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Aug 19

another reason to love your Shobha Brow Pencil

it’s mid-august already. how the heck did that happen??? you’ve probably been working on your summer glow (responsibly with great sunscreen obvi). for our blondies out there you’ve probably noticed that as your skin tans & your hair lightens your brows have probably lightened up too. your brows might even blend into your tan!

while your surfer-girl look lends to a minimalist approach to summer makeup but please, please don’t forget your brows. even if you don’t wear anything else on your face - don’t skip the brow pencil. a darker brow will give you a more youthful look & who doesn’t want that? soak up the last weeks of summer equipped with perfect brows that make you look & feel your best (& maybe even younger). grab our pencil tips here & here for the best way to diy them at home.

Aug 15

which look is best for wayne?

if you’ve been following our “what would wayne look like” series we hope you’ve found it entertaining & maybe even inspiring. now we’d love your vote. please vote by commenting below with the corresponding name or number of which look you liked best for wayne.

thanks for playing ;)

Aug 14

tbt brows: jessy ramirez

we’re back with the lovely jessy ramirez for our tbt brows post this week. i think we all have had or know someone who has had similar brows to jessy’s before photos.

cheers to your fabulously fierce Shobha Brows today, jessy! thanks for sharing.



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Aug 12

are you following us on instagram?


are you following us on instagram? we have a lot of fun there. follow us!

Aug 8

what would wayne look like with tom selleck’s brows?

up until this point wayne has been rocking some fiercely famous & feminine brows for this series. so we’re going super masculine today & pairing wayne with tom selleck’s famous face friends. what do you think?

tom selleck brows

Aug 7

tbt brows: chan bannister

as promised we’re back with more throwback thursday brows! today we give you chan bannister.  it’s clear that although her brows have changed her ever-entertaining personality hasn’t - the very reason why we heart her so much! thanks for sharing your photos with us this week, chan!



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