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Jul 22

how-to prep for dating naked


thursday nights have become our favorite again all thanks to the guilty pleasures provided by vh1. we start the night with candidly nicole & end it with dating naked.  if you haven’t seen the show it’s really what the title implies - dating naked. yep two strangers meet for the first time - but naked. kudos kids - that takes a lot of … well i guess you can see exactly what it takes - your date is naked!  

if you’re looking for love in the buff we have some easy steps to feeling the best you can in your own skin (& only your skin).

  • first, defuzzing is an absolute must. smooth & hairless skin will take away any distractions of your date seeing the real you. book an appointment or remove your hair at home.
  • #browsmatter. we think this one goes without saying. being that your brows are one of the only things you don’t remove when you’re rendezvousing in the nude you better make’em count. make sure they’re in tip-top shape by getting them threaded & enhance them with a Shobha Brow Pencil.
  • maintain your smooth skin by packing a Shobha Bump-Free SET in your carry-on bag, everything is tsa-friendly & necessary for smooth sailing.
  • although there has just been one episode, dating naked seems to be taped on an island somewhere hot, sunny & remote - protect your skin with sunscreen. we love coola sunscreen spray.   since it’s a spray it’s easy to get all those hard to reach places that don’t normally see the light of day.
  • after a well-deserved shower at the end of your long naked dating day, soothe your just washed skin with mio’s the activist oil - it’ll keep your skin soft & moisturized.  this awesome formula will help enhance the natural springiness & healthy radiance of your skin. plus, it has a subtle & alluring scent prefect for close encounters.

now you are ready to take on this big dating naked world! 

we have to ask, would you date naked?

Jul 18

what would wayne look like with brooke shield’s brows?

we all have iconic brow crushes & have wondered what we’d look like with said glorious iconic brows.  wayne, our resident IT genius & good sport, has agreed to help us bring our dreams to fruition. this week we’re answering the question: what would wayne look like with brooke shield’s brows? here is your answer:



what do you think? who’s brows would you like to see on wayne’s face next?

Jul 15

team brows!

when you work at Shobha, your friends & family (& sometimes strangers) automatically assume that you’ll have great brows. we tend to agree. here’s some of the lovely ladies on our team & their brows - unique to each of their faces (& personalities)!




Jul 11

cbs new york’s best of spas & salons for eye beauty

what’s better than getting an email that reads: “[we] wanted to congratulate you on your business recently being featured in cbs new york’s best of section in the shopping & style category: nyc’s 5 best spas & salons For eye beauty.”? not much!

we’re so honored to be approved to don our (new-to-us) cbs local badge. read what CBS has to say about our salons here.

be sure to like cbs new york on facebook & follow on twitter @CBSNewYork. or you can check out their new cbs local pinterest account where Shobha may be featured!

Jul 8

Shobha Heat-Free Denim Strip Curls


we love the fact that you really can reuse our Shobha® Denim Strips that come in our Shobha® Sugaring Kit. you can even use them to curl your hair! it’s true, keep reading to see what we’re talking about.

Shobha Heat-Free Denim Strip Curls
by soo

what you’ll need:

step 1: get your supplies ready to use.

step 2: the wetter your hair is, the tighter your curls will be. for beachy waves, I like to start with dry hair & dampen it slightly with a leave-in conditioner. (spritzing your hair with plain water will work too!) section your hair down the middle into two sections on each side.

step 3: fold your Shobha® Denim Strip in half (length-wise) & grab a medium sized chunk of hair, starting from the nape of your neck.

step 4: starting from the bottom of the strands, roll the denim strip upward, wrapping the hair around with it. for more uniform curls, try to wrap facing the same direction. for more texture & volume, alternate directions. you can roll the hair all the way up to the scalp or mid-way. i like to stop a few inches below my scalp.

step 5: when you are all done wrapping, grab the two ends of the denim strip & tie together. the tighter the knot, the tighter the curl will be. repeat steps 3 & 4, working your way towards your face.

step 6: sit pretty, do the dishes, put on your makeup or sleep in your denim strip curls.  sleeping in denim strips is MUCH more comfortable than rollers. untie them in the morning & tousle with your fingers to reveal (voila!) effortless beachy waves!

Jul 4

happy 4th!


wishing you a happy & safe fourth from our Shobha Family to yours! we’re closed today but hope to see you soon! xo

Jul 1

4 new ways to use Shobha Talc-Free Powder this 4th of july

new uses for Shobha Talc-Free Powder

  1. throw a bottle of Shobha Talc-Free Powder  in your beach bag. when you’re done with the sun (& sand) for the day sprinkle the powder all over. then wipe it off. it will absorb any sweat, oil or water unwanted sand is sticking to allowing the sand to come off your skin easily so you can leave it at the beach & not in your car!
  2. après shaving or waxing or sugaring dust your skin with some Shobha Talc-Free Powder it will serve as an aftershave for your skin.
  3. summer nights can be hot & sticky so sprinkle some Shobha Talc-Free Powder on your bed sheets before you call it a night it will help you stay cool & dry all night long.
  4. getting a run in to start your holiday right? sprinkle some Shobha Talc-Free Powder in your sneaks to absorb any moisture &/or stink.

Jun 27

be the ‘coolest’ hostess around


4th of july is almost here! can you believe it?!?! (did you book your Shobha Date? we’ve got extra hours to accommodate).

planning the perfect bbq, pool or beach party is awesome until mr. humidity steps in & the sweat meter rises.  help your friends & fam out by having a bowl of ice with some Shobha Rosewater Freshening Cloth singles on hand at your parties. your guests will be able to de-sweat, sanitize & socialize all at once.

or if you’re a party of one, keep some singles in the fridge. when you get home after a long day (either from work or a fun day in the sun) chill out by folding the cloth length-wise & place it over your eyes while resting your head on a pillow for an instant at-home chill out.

Jun 24

perfect at-home pedicure

at Shobha we focus on hair removal - it’s true. that doesn’t mean we’re not obsessed with all things beauty - we are. what better way to show off your smooth skin than with a perfect pedicure to match. follow our tips to the perfect at-home pedicure below. if you have any tips of your own feel free to comment - sharing is caring after all :)


1. remove any old polish with remove+ by zoya (it even gets glitter off!)

2. add body wash to running water to your tub or a large bowl/basin & soak feet for 5 minutes. try acure organics cell stimulating body wash - we love it’s sweet but subtle almond scent.

3. get your scrub on using your favorite scrub (we love flourish lavender mind sugar body polish)  & a Shobha Exfoliating Cloth to slough off any rough or dead skin (ewww!).


4. cut &/or file nails; push cuticles back with a cuticle stick or trim carefully with a cuticle cutter.

5. buff nails so that the surface of each is smooth.

6. slather on lotion a rich body like bogavia’s hydrating body butter, paying extra attention to those dry spots like the skin on your heels

7. with cuticle stick remove extra lotion around nails & cuticles

8. with a cotton ball swipe each nail with nail polish remover to eliminate extra oils that will interfere with polish sticking to your nails


9. apply 1 coat of a base coat

10. apply 2 coats of your color of choice, letting dry 5 minutes in between coats

11. use a cotton swab to remove any excess polish around the cuticles

12. finish with one coat of top coat

13. let your nails dry while you read the honest life - be sure to skip to page 83 to see what Jessica Alba has to say about our Shobha Sugaring Kit.


Jun 20

our Shobha® Exfoliating Cloth does a lot of good.

by alicia

Shobha Exfoliating Cloth

it’s good for the planet: all-natural, biodegradable, fairly traded & made from sustainable resources. it’s good for you: gently exfoliating your skin to make it super soft. & it’s also good for a hard-working group of locals who help us package this little best-seller.

we work on our exfoliating cloth with a non-profit community center that provides vocational rehabilitation to individuals with disabilities. the center was founded by a group of parents as a grassroots effort to bring about a positive impact in the lives of their children. the center provides paid & supervised work opportunities to individuals with disabilities to assist them in leading more active & productive lives in the community. if that wasn’t enough, the center also provides job coaching and job placement.

it’s a win-win. they foster increased independence, social integration, self-confidence & economic self-sufficiency. we get waves of good feeling to be able to help support their mission. you can buy our exfoliating cloth here & be a part of it all.

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