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Aug 1

what would wayne look like with gwen stefani’s brows?

gwen stefani brows

who’s excited for fall 2014’s the voice crew (hello gwen & pharrell)? we are! we are!

after seeing all the teasers for this fall’s fabulous season we have become obsessed with gwen stefani’s whole flawless look, in particular her brows.

naturally we had to envision (err photoshop) them onto wayne’s smiling face. what do you think?

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Jul 31

tbt brows: alexis bortone faust

for most of us who work at Shobha we don’t remember life before our Shobha Brows or we try our best to forget the brow ghosts of our past.  if it weren’t for our bold or barely-there choices of the past we really wouldn’t be able to appreciate how far our brows have come today.  (ahh perspective)

we’ll be honoring & showcasing (without judgement) the brows of our team from the past every thursday so be sure to check in to see the latest transformation. the before photos (hello glamour shots) are just too good to miss.

we’re kicking off the first throwback thursday (#tbt) brows with alexis bortone faust who has come a long (gorgeous) way since this initial glamour shot.  thanks for sharing lex!



let us help you transform your brows. make your appointment today!

Jul 29

my summer internship at Shobha

by daisy


when i was told that i’d be interning at the corporate office of Shobha, i imagined a gigantic building near fancy stores, overlooking the empire state building. i expected to see people in formal suit & tie attire, big office cubicles, giant glass windows surrounding the floor, people rushing around with phones ringing off the lines; just like you would normally see on t.v. in all honesty, i assumed my internship was going to mirror the assistant in the movie devil wears prada. i thought i’d be sent to all parts of nyc delivering food & coffee, & running personal errands. Shobha is a self-made, fast growing, high quality waxing, sugaring & threading business. the only thing running across my mind was “this must be the real deal.”
riding the elevator on the first day, i anxiously awaited my destined floor.  when i stepped off the elevator onto the 8th floor, the thoughts in my head silenced.  i was greeted with the comforting smiles of the staff.  everyone was very polite & quietly working on their daily projects. i walked into a glass conference room, & met my two fellow co-workers who happen to be interns as well. Shobha’s human resource generalist, alethia graham, introduced us to the staff & explained the company’s policies. her friendly & bubbly attitude made me feel more comfortable. (that’s us laughing together below.)


we were then introduced to our supervisor, alexis bortone. she explained that each week would be different from the last. we’d cover all aspects of the Shobha Business, & work on different projects from inventory to finance & accounting (real deal stuff.)  at that moment the image me running personal errands around nyc vanished.


hearing the fun music & seeing everyone in casual attire gave the room a calm & relaxed atmosphere. working in an open environment instead of cubicles or closed offices is beneficial because this type of layout allows the team to form a relationship where everyone is there for one another in any type of situation. experiencing the casual atmosphere at Shobha made me realize that working here wouldn’t be as crazy as i thought it would be.  everyone works hard on their specific projects, all with a calm flow.

after getting acquainted, we [the other interns & i] were quickly instructed on what our tasks would be for that day. the first week we jumped right into marketing & discussed ideas that would help bring prospective clients to Shobha Salons, & presented them to shobha tummala herself! yup, the founder of this extraordinary hair removal salon.
if you were to look at me weeks ago, you’d see a girl who was uncomfortable presenting in front of people, & preferred working alone. now i have to thoroughly share my thoughts, & communicate with my co-workers. if i ever get stuck, my co-workers are always there to help me—an added benefit!

working at Shobha has shown me that when i leave my comfort zone, i can grow as a person. this experience has helped me to understand that i must work hard, & attend to detail.  Shobha stresses to show individuals that working is not about what you can’t do, but what you can achieve if you’re only willing to learn.  i’d like to thank Shobha for this new experience in my life, & shout out to kristina pugh [a Shobha Alumn & my human rights teacher] from build on for telling me about this internship.


interested in interning at Shobha? we’d love to hear from you. email us at!

Jul 25

what would wayne look like with frida kahlo’s brows?

unibrows aren’t for everyone & that’s why we thread. although we don’t usually recommend the union of your brows, we have to hand it to the fabulous frida kahlo who definitely rocked the fiercest unibrow to-date (in our world at least). naturally we wondered if wayne could pull it off. the result is not too shabby but we still think ms. kahlo takes this one.


what do you think?

Jul 22

how-to prep for dating naked


thursday nights have become our favorite again all thanks to the guilty pleasures provided by vh1. we start the night with candidly nicole & end it with dating naked.  if you haven’t seen the show it’s really what the title implies - dating naked. yep two strangers meet for the first time - but naked. kudos kids - that takes a lot of … well i guess you can see exactly what it takes - your date is naked!  

if you’re looking for love in the buff we have some easy steps to feeling the best you can in your own skin (& only your skin).

  • first, defuzzing is an absolute must. smooth & hairless skin will take away any distractions of your date seeing the real you. book an appointment or remove your hair at home.
  • #browsmatter. we think this one goes without saying. being that your brows are one of the only things you don’t remove when you’re rendezvousing in the nude you better make’em count. make sure they’re in tip-top shape by getting them threaded & enhance them with a Shobha Brow Pencil.
  • maintain your smooth skin by packing a Shobha Bump-Free SET in your carry-on bag, everything is tsa-friendly & necessary for smooth sailing.
  • although there has just been one episode, dating naked seems to be taped on an island somewhere hot, sunny & remote - protect your skin with sunscreen. we love coola sunscreen spray.   since it’s a spray it’s easy to get all those hard to reach places that don’t normally see the light of day.
  • after a well-deserved shower at the end of your long naked dating day, soothe your just washed skin with mio’s the activist oil - it’ll keep your skin soft & moisturized.  this awesome formula will help enhance the natural springiness & healthy radiance of your skin. plus, it has a subtle & alluring scent prefect for close encounters.

now you are ready to take on this big dating naked world! 

we have to ask, would you date naked?

Jul 18

what would wayne look like with brooke shield’s brows?

we all have iconic brow crushes & have wondered what we’d look like with said glorious iconic brows.  wayne, our resident IT genius & good sport, has agreed to help us bring our dreams to fruition. this week we’re answering the question: what would wayne look like with brooke shield’s brows? here is your answer:



what do you think? who’s brows would you like to see on wayne’s face next?

Jul 15

team brows!

when you work at Shobha, your friends & family (& sometimes strangers) automatically assume that you’ll have great brows. we tend to agree. here’s some of the lovely ladies on our team & their brows - unique to each of their faces (& personalities)!




Jul 11

cbs new york’s best of spas & salons for eye beauty

what’s better than getting an email that reads: “[we] wanted to congratulate you on your business recently being featured in cbs new york’s best of section in the shopping & style category: nyc’s 5 best spas & salons For eye beauty.”? not much!

we’re so honored to be approved to don our (new-to-us) cbs local badge. read what CBS has to say about our salons here.

be sure to like cbs new york on facebook & follow on twitter @CBSNewYork. or you can check out their new cbs local pinterest account where Shobha may be featured!

Jul 8

Shobha Heat-Free Denim Strip Curls


we love the fact that you really can reuse our Shobha® Denim Strips that come in our Shobha® Sugaring Kit. you can even use them to curl your hair! it’s true, keep reading to see what we’re talking about.

Shobha Heat-Free Denim Strip Curls
by soo

what you’ll need:

step 1: get your supplies ready to use.

step 2: the wetter your hair is, the tighter your curls will be. for beachy waves, I like to start with dry hair & dampen it slightly with a leave-in conditioner. (spritzing your hair with plain water will work too!) section your hair down the middle into two sections on each side.

step 3: fold your Shobha® Denim Strip in half (length-wise) & grab a medium sized chunk of hair, starting from the nape of your neck.

step 4: starting from the bottom of the strands, roll the denim strip upward, wrapping the hair around with it. for more uniform curls, try to wrap facing the same direction. for more texture & volume, alternate directions. you can roll the hair all the way up to the scalp or mid-way. i like to stop a few inches below my scalp.

step 5: when you are all done wrapping, grab the two ends of the denim strip & tie together. the tighter the knot, the tighter the curl will be. repeat steps 3 & 4, working your way towards your face.

step 6: sit pretty, do the dishes, put on your makeup or sleep in your denim strip curls.  sleeping in denim strips is MUCH more comfortable than rollers. untie them in the morning & tousle with your fingers to reveal (voila!) effortless beachy waves!

Jul 4

happy 4th!


wishing you a happy & safe fourth from our Shobha Family to yours! we’re closed today but hope to see you soon! xo

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