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Apr 18

5 thoughts every woman has had during a bikini wax (you’re not alone)

5 thoughts every woman has had during a bikini wax (you're not alone)

we all think it, so we’re saying it today. here are the 5 thoughts that every woman has had during a bikini wax:

  1. i shouldn’t have eaten that burrito.
  2. those 2 mimosas seemed like such an awesome idea at brunch, i wonder if she’ll mind if i take a bathroom break.
  3. i hope there are no cameras in here.
  4. i can’t wait for the beach.
  5. i wonder if he/she will notice.

did we miss any? please comment below if we did!

Apr 15

Apr 11

last week our team took to the set of the chris gethard show. watch the above video to witness the on-air hairless happiness experienced by the guy in the blue shorts that goes by the name human fish who was aiming to be “a little less man & a little more fish” by way of hair removal. (disclaimer: this was the human fish’s idea & the show accepted live requests for which body part to wax.)

while this may be #nsfw (with the volume on), it’s amazing for a laugh. enjoy.

Apr 8

d.i.y. dumbbells

diy dumbbells

it’s that time of year to tone up for a season full of less clothes & less body hair. it also happens to be the time of year when wedding season springs anew - yay! in fact, our very own alexis (aka our organizational development director) is getting hitched in less than a month (read: so exciting!!!) so she’s in full-time bridal bootcamp mode.

as a result, a small group of us gather daily (ok, maybe a couple times a week) to lift some weights to get our arms red carpet ready for all the exciting events (& tank tops) the warmer weather warrants.

here’s the skinny: when we began, we have one set of legit weights, so when we’re not sharing those we’re lifting pretty much whatever we can get our hands on, like reams of paper or Shobha Products. naturally this presented an opportunity to get crafty — & scrappy…. now without further adieu, we have an easy way to make your own diy dumbbells.

to make one dumbbell you’ll need:

  • 2 cans of Shobha Sugaring Gel (or you can use any weighty canned good like beans or tomatoes) - you can add more as you need it, stud muffin
  • 1 Shobha Tote (or any cloth shopping tote with long handles)


  1. open cloth tote & place sugaring gel cans inside
  2. close tote with handles out & fold bag down over the cans
  3. with the handles still out start rolling the bag from the middle
  4. wrap the handles around the middle of the bag
  5. pull the end of the handles through to secure with a quick knot
  6. grasp the middle of your weight & pump some iron… err sugaring gel

Apr 4

travel-friendly must-haves

travel-friendly must-haves

is it vacation time yet? we’re so ready to get some r&r some place warm & sunny. these are the essential Shobha® Products we won’t leave home without.

which products make the cut when you travel? we’d love to know, please comment below ;)

Apr 1

NEW!!! Shobha Hairless Happiness Pills

Shobha Hairless Happiness Pills

forget the monthly visit to our salons – now you can be smooth & hair-free by just popping our daily Shobha® Hairless Happiness Pill!  after just a week, you’ll start to see results:

  • beautiful brows
  • elimination of facial hair (sans brows & hair on your head)
  • hair-free from the neck down - including all limbs, back, chest & brazilian!

to receive your free sample, leave a comment!
(april fools)

Mar 28


instagram fun

are you our insta-friend on instagram yet? why not? we’re fun. let’s have some insta-fun together: @myshobha

Mar 25

hair removal tips for a new mom from a new mom


last week we gave you tips on what to expect when you’re expecting as far as hair removal goes based on the personal experience of lindsey barton, a new mom who also happens to be our operations director.  today lindsey let’s us know what to expect after you’ve had your bundle of joy & you’re ready to jump back on the waxing wagon.  
q: how long did you wait after giving birth to wax?
a: i had a c-section. even though it wasn’t a vaginal birth i was still pushing & had trauma to the area so i was pretty sensitive. right after, i was more concerned with how i was going to take a shower than about how hairy my bikini area was.  for all new moms, you should always wait until your doctor says it’s ok – so if you’ve had a c-section, definitely not while you still have stitches.  for me, i waited about ten weeks to get my first bikini wax (& longer for a brazilian) because my scar (from the c-section) was really sensitive. i didn’t want to stretch the skin in that area  since my scar is in an area where we stretch to do a bikini wax.  this may not be the case for everyone, since it depends on where your doctor made the incision, but it can be on your “hairline” so hair (that you would normally have removed) starts growing around it. I found my scar tissue to be really sensitive & even got phantom tingles.

q: why did you wait 10 weeks for your first bikini wax?
a: breast feeding made my skin super sensitive about EVERYTHING so that’s the main reason why i waited. plus, even if you don’t go back to work, there’s still work to be done, so it wasn’t top of mind. when I did finally get my wax, it definitely made me feel a little bit more human. looking back, i wish i was more consistent with my waxing routine & might have gone earlier because i was a hairy beast & it hurt so bad that first time back.
q: how long was your skin super sensitive?
a: my sensitivity was heightened for the first year after (my little girl is almost 2!).

q: was anything different during the wax post baby bump?
a: things bounced more, like my belly & felt a bit looser.

q: what tips would you give fellow new moms getting back into waxing?
a: go early & go often. after you have your baby, you go on auto-pilot & find yourself taking her (or him) with you everywhere. however certain places aren’t the safest for your new little one, like the wax room or threading chair. i realize this now. everyone wanted to see her & she was so cute, but i didn’t  bring anyone with me to watch her when i went to get my eyebrows done. i think that’s something as a new mom i don’t think about - who’s going to watch my child if i go somewhere alone & i can’t.  it’s just like going to a nice restaurant & they don’t have highchairs or you have to leave your stroller outside, but your newborn is sleeping & you don’t want to move her. it’s a tough adjustment, but you just have to start thinking about those things now. so my best tip for new moms coming in for a wax:  if you are coming with your baby, be sure to bring a friend so someone can stay with the baby while you’re getting services.  it will be more relaxing for you & your child will safe & with someone she knows.

Mar 21

hair removal tips for a newly pregnant gal from a new mom part 2

as promised here are more q&a’s from our interview with lindsey barton, our resident new mommy & operations director at Shobha.
q: what aftercare steps should a pregnant gal take?
a: don’t wear a thong, instead opt for comfortable loose fitting underwear made from a breathable fabric like cotton. don’t go comando because any of the bacteria from your clothes (like those pants that you hand on the dressing room floor while shopping for your new maternity wardrobe) will then up your risk of infection. now is the time for granny panties.
q: is there a point when a pregnant woman should just stop waxing?
a: for me, i got waxed when i was ten months pregnant & delivered the next week. i wanted to go in clean so they could see her! i remember it feeling pretty uncomfortable actually towards the end, since i felt awkward since i couldn’t even see down there.
q: what do you think about shaving your bikini before giving birth?
a: a lot of doctors recommend you shave - but you can’t see it. you don’t know  if you’re hairy or not.  so it’s so much easier to have someone else help you out.  also, regrowth with shaving is much faster with shaving than with waxing & you don’t want an inexperienced “shaver” shaving you before you deliver, because they will & then you’ll have to deal with an itchy uncomfortable bikini when it grows back out (plus, a newborn!).  so better to get it waxed.
q: were you more susceptible to ingrowns when you were pregnant?
a: yes, i was. i found i didn’t want to exfoliate as much because my skin was so sensitive. it got harder to reach too. i would recommend using the Shobha® Exfoliating Cloth over Shobha® Ingrown Relief Lotion - although it is a safe product to use it hasn’t been tested on pregnant  women (as stated on the package) but the exfoliating cloth is all natural & worked for me.
q: did you experience skin discoloration?
a: yes. for some people your skin can change color & turn darker. so you might get freaked out when they show you the mirror. it happens to a lot of people. it went away for me after i gave birth - for some people it does for some people it doesn’t. that can definitely be shocking to see your parts a different color than what you’re used to.
q: overall what would you tell new moms to expect when it comes to a pregnancy & hair removal?
a: everything hurts more when you’re pregnant. my skin was really itchy not because my skin was dry but because my nerve endings were firing up. one thing that helped me was the tummy rub from the mama mio skincare line (that we carry at all Shobha Locations). also, if you find yourself in the wax room or threading chair & you just can’t take the pain, tell your specialist to stop. it might not be ideal but it’s ok.

Mar 18

hair removal tips for a newly pregnant gal from a new mom part 1

hair removal tips for a newly pregnant gal from a new mom part 1

we recently sat down with one of our resident new mommies, lindsey barton, who also happens to be our operations director at Shobha. lindsey has an adorable (almost) 2 year old that we all think as of our own because we saw her go from lindsey’s belly to the vibrant & beautiful little toddler she’s grown into. lindsey will give it to you straight about anything & has been working with us at Shobha for 9 years(!!) so we requested her sage words to help you newly pregnant moms out there when it comes time to find your hairless happiness.

q: lindsey, if you’re newly pregnant but you haven’t told anyone, should you tell your waxer?
a: yes, tell her. be honest so she can make it more comfortable for you. you shouldn’t be laying flat on your back so she can recline the bed a little bit for you & that’s true throughout your pregnancy which is typically the position we do the bikini & brazilian in so you’re going to want to let her know.

q: did getting a bikini wax feel different when you were pregnant?
a: yes. you will also be more sensitive because there’s more blood flow which will make you more sensitive. also, stretching the skin to help in the process might feel different or uncomfortable because you’ve got a baby down there now so you might have to go to the bathroom.

q: are the products used during a Shobha Bikini Wax safe for pregnant women &/or the baby?
a: yes. you always want to check with your doctor but at Shobha we always use the most effective products for our services & they are made with safe ingredients. at the end of each treatment we offer hydrocortisone cream (that typically has trace amounts of steroids) to help reduce irritiation & inflammation. a lot of people don’t like to use steroids when they’re pregnant, but the amount in the cream we use is very minimal, so you’d probably be ok but you always want to consult with your doctor. the other thing that you can use is restorative skin balm from cv skinlabs, it’s a non-steroid alternative to hydrocortisone cream.

q: is it physically safe to get a bikini wax while pregnant?
a: yes, but you want to understand that when you get a bikini wax (pregnant or not) your pores are open & make them more prone to infection. any kind of bacteria, even from your own skin, can get in there & cause various types of skin infections. while pregnant you’re not able to take (many) antibiotics to treat these issues so if you can’t medicate, you’re going to be pretty uncomfortable if you get any type of infection after a bikini wax, which can happen to anyone (pregnant or not) so proper aftercare is super important.

check back on friday for the second half of our hair removal tips for a newly pregnant gal from a new mom.

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